Posters Billboards Postcards

Materials: Printing, poster paper, paint, fabric, wood, rope
Dimensions: Various

Best of luck: Giveaway poster with Art Monthly (edition 4,000) was developed in collaboration with a group of elderly residents in a residential care home for the elderly in Lewisham, South East London. The poster was distributed in the September issue of the magazine to coincide with the latter stages of Documenta 12 and the 52nd Venice Biennale. The poster marked these two major cultural events taking place in the same year as well as a way of attaching myself to these events in given that I was not officially included in them. The poster was archived by the Documenta 12 team

Everyone’s Here: Temporary cinema on rooftop overlooking busy motorway, Seoul

Here be animal: Poster series anonymously posted, London

Here be lovely: Temporary banner anonymously sited, London

Here improvise: Poster series anonymously posted, London

Holes: Giveaway poster with Art Monthly, UK

Steal: Performance over 5 days in London’s Wes End

Everyone’s going apeshit: Postcard series, anonymously distributed

Relic: Giveaway poster with Art Monthly, UK

Temporary billboard, Seoul
Materials: Black and white paint on plywood
Dimensions: Variable
Directed at guests in the Harbor Park Hotel, Incheon; particularly those with the time to contemplate this over a cigarette from the Pansy Smoking Room on the 14th floor. These were mostly overseas business visitors given the hotels proximity to Incheon International Airport.

Nearly everyone’s here: Temporary billboard to coincide with Olympics, London

Poster Urgent: Giveaway poster with journal UnMediated on the theme of disruption