In-between Objects / performed

Materials: Styrofoam, straps, plastic buckles, megaphone. Performers: Oliver Liu, Yoyo Huang and Linda Sun
Dimensions: Various

Exhibition and performance in Hong-Gah Museum and Treasure Hill, Taipei to reclaim the museum and hill for radical art practices.
Exhibition: Objects in glass vitrines with implied but unexplained function.
Performance: performers wearing almost identical objects reading at prearranged stops on Treasure Hill, formerly a squatted area on the outskirts of Taipei - undergoing gentrification - now an artist’s village.

In-between Objects

Materials: Styrofoam, straps, plastic buckles
Dimensions: Various

In-between Objects - part of In-between Objects / performed on Treasure Hill - exist in a kind of intermediate or middle state: Somewhere between functional and non-functional objects (Objects made to exist in the Museum with an implied but unspecified function as well as objects that can equally exist and function in another context as something worn, performed and worked with).