Delays arranged

Materials: framed photographs, plastic, electric fan / blower, gaffer tape
Dimensions: Various

Action to produce a high degree of uncertainty, 2017
Two photographs - each limited edition of 5. These two photographs document and form part of an exchange the artist had with residents of the apartment block - opposite Å+ gallery - about the gallery, about what art can be. Residents involved in this exchange were given a limited edition print of Å+ gallery (taken from the apartment block) in exchange for attaching a single orange coloured plastic bag (from the nearby grocery store), to their balcony for the duration of the exhibition or until the bag is removed by natural or un - natural forces. The other photograph of the apartment block (taken from Å+ gallery and with some bags still attached to balconies) is available for sale through Å+ gallery

Untitled (Trying harder), 2017
A plastic form inflates (but never fully) and deflates (but never entirely) by a very loud electric fan / blower positioned in the gallery. Trying harder is written with black gaffer tape on the surface of the work, as if it would be a comment rather than a title, or an exhortation.

A+ project space Berlin