Materials: motorcycle, gallery
Dimensions: Various

Invited to undertake the opening exhibition at a newly renovated Art Centre in Cork City. I proposed a work in three parts:
Part 1 was designed for a discreet audience consisting of the Director and members of the cleaning staff who witnessed a 550cc motorcycle being driven through the newly built wall of the main gallery into the adjoining office space. The gallery space being long and narrow was ideal for this purpose. (see gallery plan).
Part 2 was designed for gallery staff prior to the exhibition opening who would witness the motorcycle ramp in the main gallery space (before it was removed), the breached wall in the main gallery wall (before it was covered up) and the upended motorcycle in the adjoining office space (before it was removed) where administration staff had committed to working ‘as normal’ in full view of the visiting public for the duration of the exhibition.
Part 3 was designed for the general public who would on their arrival on the opening night of the exhibition find a freshly cleaned and polished gallery space with a large piece of black polyurethane sheet covering the section of the wall which the motorcycle breached. The upended motorcycle would remain in the administration office for the duration of the opening night only from where it would be removed and scrapped the next morning. The gallery were left with the dilemma of having a potentially ‘provocative’ artwork but one they would have to work at communicating to the visiting public.