Materials: Various
Dimensions: Various

I started Aftercare shortly after moving to Berlin. The project involves repairing and maintaining things that have fallen into disuse or disrepair. I’m currently focussed on - often abstract - public sculpture. I trim the grass, repaint or replace signs, remove graffiti etc. I appropriate these overlooked spaces by marking each with a sign carrying a brief description of the project. I’ve also been wondering if they might speak of an abandoned hope for a different kind of Berlin, now lost with the so-called vanquishing of Socialism, the disappearance of the Berlin Wall and the years immediately after its disappearance when people dreamed of a different kind of city, a different way of organising themselves. As money now pours into Berlin and a consumer-driven economy takes hold of and reshapes the city in its image, I was wondering if these overlooked public sculptures might speak to or embody that kind of lost or abandoned hope.