[Morning] Movement for parks and pavements Seoul, South Korea
[Morning] Movement for parks and pavements brings together an aerobics instructor in search of a community with a community in need of an aerobics instructor. The work [Morning] Movement for parks and pavements is part of the Micro City Lab exhibition. This brings together a long term collaborator, aerobics instructor Che Hyungun with the statistical data of a Community Parks Survey which identified seven residential parks in Seoul as under-used by local residents. Che Hyungun, who taught a daily class in Jayu Park, Incheon needed more work to increase his monthly income. The exhibition at Micro City Lab brings together documentation of Che Hyungun performing for local residents in each of the seven parks identified in the Community Parks Survey in an attempt to find a community to work with regularly and demonstrate this to Seoul Metropolitan Government in order to acquire a contract of employment. Beginning each fitness routine at 7am, Che Hyungun worked across each of the seven residential parks, eventually finding a group of local residents keen to work with him and a contract of employment followed from Seoul Metropolitan Government.

John Reardon