1. Flat Flat Shiny Cat_compressed
2. Flat Flat Shiny Cat_compressed
4. Flat Flat Shiny Cat_compressed
6. Simulated Ruin_compressed
7. Simulated Ruin_compressed
8. Globe 1_compressed
Flat flat shiny cat 1_compressed
Flat flat shiny cat 2_compressed
Flat flat shiny cat 3_compressed
Flat flat shiny cat 4_compressed
Flat flat shiny cat 5_compressed
Flat flat shiny cat 6_compressed

Flat Flat Shiny Cat Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK
Flat Flat Shiny Cat is the title of an exhibition as well as a typographical sign. The exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre (KCC), London is strongly influenced by concepts of horizontality and superficiality in response to artist Choi Jeong-hwa who designed the interior of the KCC as an artificial reality, giving this multi-purpose space a very particular atmosphere.

John Reardon