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Trying Harder Å+ gallery Berlin, Germany

Trying Harder consists of an electric blower that nosily attempts and fails - blowing non-stop for six minutes before stopping - to fully inflate a large attached plastic form. The blower attempts to inflate the large plastic form for six-minutes, at intervals of twenty- five minutes, each time failing in its attempt. After each attempt the form slowly deflates, taking approximately nine minutes to fully deflate. The form lies dormant for approximately five-minutes before attempting to inflate again. Trying harder heightens the fragility of the nearby free-standing tile work by artist, Bettina Buck.

Action to produce a high degree of uncertainty consists of two framed and signed photographs documenting an exchange the artist had with residents of the apartment block, opposite Å+ gallery, about the gallery, about the art world and about what art can be. Residents involved in this exchange were given a limited edition photograph of Å+ gallery (taken from their apartment block) in exchange for attaching a single orange coloured plastic bag (from the nearby grocery store), to their balcony for the duration of the exhibition or until the bag is blown away or removed. The second photograph (taken from outside Å+ gallery), of the apartment block with some orange coloured plastic bags still attached to balconies is available for sale through Å+ gallery.

John Reardon