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Crash Triskel Arts Centre, Cork City, Ireland
Part 1: designed for a discreet audience consisting of gallery director and cleaning staff (in other words, the busiest people in the centre) who witnessed a 550cc motorcycle drive through one of the newly built walls of the main gallery into the adjoining office space. (this was to be the first exhibition in their newly renovated main gallery and the arts centre were keen to have something ‘provocative’ for this).
Part 2: designed for curator and gallery staff prior to the exhibition opening who witnessed the motorcycle ramp in the gallery space, before it was removed, the breached wall in the gallery, before it was covered up and the upended motorcycle in the adjoining office space.
Part 3: designed for the general public who, on the opening night of the exhibition found a freshly cleaned gallery and a large piece of black polyurethane sheet covering the section of the wall the motorcycle breached. The gallery were left with an artwork they would have to work at communicating to the visiting public. Images of the process were not available to the public before, during or after (a 12 month period) the exhibition

John Reardon