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Collective ferment Setouchi Triennale, Shodoshima, Japan
Part 1: installation, exhibition - containing fruit and plants - of two holding tanks (for exhibition and fermentation).
One tank contains locally sourced fruit (80 melons + 11 lemons) fermenting in 200 litres of 35% proof alcohol while the other tank contains locally sourced plants fermenting in 350 litres of 25% proof salted water. Fruit and plants represent what are available and in season on the island of Shodoshima Island. The contents of the tanks change colour, position, form and texture as the fermentation process takes place during the Triennale, by the end of which they are ready to be bottled and distributed to the local community on Shodoshima as well as to art institutions and curators around the world.
Part 2: Drunken Melon Workshop – bottling and distribution workshop (for consumption and contemplation). The contents of each bottle contains either melon and lemon alcohol designed for consumption or plants in saltwater designed for contemplation.

John Reardon