Don_t Won_t Can_t 1
Don_t Won_t Can_t 3
Don_t Won_t Can_t 5
Don_t Won_t Can_t 7
Don_t Won_t Can_t 9
Don_t Won_t Can_t 11
Don_t Won_t Can_t 13
Don_t Won_t Can_t 15
Don_t Won_t Can_t 2
Don_t Won_t Can_t 4
Don_t Won_t Can_t 6
Don_t Won_t Can_t 8
Don_t Won_t Can_t 10
Don_t Won_t Can_t 12
Don_t Won_t Can_t 14
Don_t Won_t Can_t 16


Dimensions: 22 x 14.5 cm (540 pages)
Material: paper
Date: 2020

An experiment with sentence construction using ten, four letter verbs, three modal verbs and the pronoun ‘I’. Each sentence begins with one of the three modal verbs don’t, won’t, can’t. Each sentence is doubled by being inverted to change meaning, to unsettle meaning and to give rhythm to the work. DON’T WON’T CAN’T speaks to a sense of frustration, confusion, uncertainty and chaos. This is a work to be spoken aloud. A playful and rhythmic work that comes in the form of a limited-edition object as well as a wall-based work.

Icebergs Anuses

Dimensions: 120 x 120 cm x 4 mm
Materials: frost-resistant ceramic tile for indoor and outdoor use
Date: 2021

In its current dimensions, it is ready to be installed in a pre-existing site or it can be viewed as a prototype whose dimensions are reimagined in relation to a site.

Icebergs Anuses works with a traditional form, material and pattern to frame a plurality of relationships, complex ecologies and differences in scale and light.

Action to produce a high degree of engagement

Dimensions: 15 cm x 13 cm
Material: knife, gaffer tape
Date: 2021

Action to produce a high degree of engagement is an invited contribution to the museo en residencia, currently showing in Southwark Cathedral, London. Like all the work in the museo en residencia, Action to produce a high degree of engagement conforms to 15 cm x 13 cm dimensions. It consists of three rolls of cloth tape, placed one on top of the other. On top of these is a cutting knife, blade open. Action to produce a high degree of engagement is a performative work that invites handling and application. It operates somewhere between the world of art and the material world of familiar, useful and functioning things.

John Reardon