Itaewon Ghost Tour Assault Map

Running Ghost Tour (Part guided tour, part ceremony and part Happening)
This worked with data from the National Campaign for Eradication of Crimes by US. Troops in Korea created by local people attempting to maintain the memory of those, mostly women, attacked in Itaewon by U.S. Service personnel (location of our residency and focus of our work at this time) over 30 years. The tour was also one of three interconnected pieces of work that moved between the residency space (working café, bookshop, white cube and studio space in the middle of Seoul), and wider community and physical space of Itaewon. These included: Three one-hour, night time running tours, each night for three nights. Tours moved from one scene of crime to another – visiting ten in all – involving performers, noise, props, members of the public, and invited participants.

Performers: Nam Hyein, Shin YeSeul, and Jo Eunsong

T-shirts designed around the names of the perpetrators of these crimes in Itaewon. T-shirts were worn daily by all residency staff that would recount, when asked, the associated perpetrator and the crime committed, in detail.

Materials: text, masks, plastic raincoats, drums, megaphone, music, members of the public, performers.

For our exhibition at Takeout Drawing, we became interested in the idea of bringing something or someone into the space of the exhibition that could alter the entire building and how people working or visiting the space experienced it. We were particularly interested in sound and how it could be used over the 3 floors of the building as non-stop music normally played from opening to closing time throughout what is a hollow open-plan space. We decided to bring an aviary of 10 parakeets (some of the noisier birds available) into Takeout Drawing. This move also brought a series of obligations to cease playing music and turn off the air conditioning out of consideration for the birds, also to clean, feed and look after them. Having also talked at length with a shaman about the importance of birds we were thinking about them metaphorically as connecting the physical world to the spirit world, etc.

Instructions for the living conditions and maintenance of 10 Parakeets:
1. Maintenance of indoor temperature (ideally, 23~25°C) – when cleaning, ventilation is important but be aware of opening all windows at the same timethus creating a significant change in temperature. (For ventilation please open windows as far away as possible from the Aviary – when the birds catch a cold, they fall down) For this reason, air-conditioning in the café area on the second floor is prohibited. Instead, leave the windows open.
2. Music – music from speakers in the café area is also prohibited.
3. Cleaning – each day before opening to the public, cleaning is done with the tools provided. Cleaning takes one person approximately 40 minutes. During the residency and exhibition period, Hyemin Son and John Reardon are in charge of cleaning.
4. Water – should be changed at regularly morning and night. Morning: 10am, (before opening to the public), night: 10 pm (before closing to the public).
5. Birdseed – should be changed every morning. Parakeets feed on grains so husks will gather in the feeding bowls. For this reason feeding bowls may look full – however it does not mean they are full and that the Parakeets have enough food – be aware the feeding bowls may contain only husks that can be blown away with your breath.              

Materials: Steel flight cage, 10 parakeets, food, water

Rooftop Movie Mashup
Temporary rooftop cinema showing:
Ghost Dance – Ken McMullen (1983), 5min 23sec
The Host – Junho Bong (2006), 119 min
Le Voyage A Travers L’Impossible – Georges Melies (1904), 24min
Neco z Alenky (Alice)- Jan Svankmajer (1988), 86 min
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives – Apichatpong Weerasethakul (2010), 113 min

Materials: hardboard, wood, rope, projector, computer, plinth, seats