In Search of Congestion on the M25

Bus, passengers

Bus Tour: Caspar David Friedrich in Kent Or In search of congestion on the M25
A Friday evening Bus Tour of the M25 during peak congestion – with – partly invited, partly kidnapped – curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, artist Richard Went- worth, ARTSCHOOL/UK participants and invited guests.
I was interested in thinking about the particular constellation of people we had brought together in London for ARTSCHOOL/UK and how lasting these relationships might be, as the relationship between Hans Ulrich Obrist and Richard Wentworth has been. Much of what connected Hans Ulrich Obrist to London was at a certain point through knowing Richard Wentworth. (Went- worth was the first person Obrist met in London in 1987-88, and later Obrist curated Wentworth into the now legendry Kitchen Show which Wentworth also named). For this Bus Tour, I also imagined the size of the kitchen – in the Kitchen Show – to be approximately the size of the bus…