Elegy Newcastle, UK

This work took place over the course of a one-month residency in Newcastle at the invitation of artist group, The Blue Cowboys. Elegy consists of a text painted over the surface of all six floors of the then condemned city centre department store What Everyone Wants.
The work is a kind of elegy or tribute (developed around a story of love and loss based on the kind of ‘Mills & Boon’ romantic fiction)
to the working class people of Newcastle who shopped in the store. Before embarking on the work I trained with Newcastle Mountaineering Club in order to paint across the surface of the building by abseiling from the top or sixth floor. The finished text, painted blue on blue (close in colour and tone to the existing surface colour of the building) remained for approximately one year and was demolished with the building to make way for city centre wide renovations.
Materials: Paint, ropes, climbing equipment
Dimensions: 90m x 30m