Dogs and Dog Lovers in Haebangchon and The Art World

Haebangchon, Seoul

Dogs and Dog Lovers from Haebangchon and the Art World was the first of a series of events in a year long experiment at a recently acquired space in Haebangchon, Seoul. These events work as prototypes, a result of trying things out, of practicing …
Dogs and Dog Owners from Haebangchon and the Art World used the designation ‘Dog Owner’ and ‘Art World to bring people together from the surrounding community of Haebangchon where our research revealed many dogs reside – and where the event grew out of – as well as from across the city of Seoul. The event occurred at the time of year when traditionally Koreans eat dog meat.
Materials: Banner, dogs, people.
Duration: 6 hours
Place: HBC event and project space, Haebangchon.