CycloGalaxy is shaped by the architecture of A Amado Art Space, Seoul. Its external roof space, how this is constructed over three levels and how it is visible from surrounding buildings and street level including cafés, apartments, restaurants, businesses, the buildings anonymity (until up close) in terms of use and so on. CycloGalaxy combines permanently rotating objects – Potato | Durian | Rock – with temporarily performed text or ‘absurd homage’ (written by John Reardon and Hyemin Son and performed by artist YoonSuk Choi) on the opening night of the exhibition
Sample performed text: CycloGalaxy / Potato
This thing of beauty opens unto a sublime world like the intuitional media of a shaman who sees the future.
This fascinating thing makes us fall into a new world born out of rolls of uncertain memory. Like the secret of the vegetable orifice – concealed in the bleak cry of ghosts – it makes us afraid and uncomfortable. It captures those of us who believe it testifies to reality. Its starchiness cajoles us. Starchy walls, starchy ceilings, starchy floors. This life form that is trying to break away from its plinth, to overflow into this world. Here God must intervene. God, in this way, not just revives life forms but pushes those to ‘become.’ This appreciation is inevitable here where shamanistic sensitivity is great with objects of great intuition.
Agata, Almond, Alturas, Amandine, Annabelle, Anya, Atlantic, Désirée, Bamberg, BF-15, Bildtstar, Bintje, Blue Congo, Bonnotte, Camota, Cara, Carola, Chelina, Estima, Fianna, Fingerling, Flava, Selma, Red La Soda, Goldrush, Vitelotte, Kestrel, Kipfler, Langlade, Snowden, Marcy, Marfona, Marquis, Megachip, Monalisa, Avalanche, Nicola, Pachacoña, Pike, Primura, Ratte, Record, Kennebec, Cabritas, Red Pontiac, Rooster, Russet Burbank, Russet Norkotah, Shepody, Sieglinde, Sirco, Spunta, Stobrawa, Superior, Vivaldi, Solanum tuberosum. Starchy potato-orifice Come Potato
Come now
Come always

Materials: Styrofoam, motor, paint, text, performance artist