Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon, Seoul, Korea -
5th Open Studio & Exhibition

Cherobic was a large public event created for the May 29th, 2014 open-day in Seoul Art Space. A ‘warm-up event’ (including stage, props and performer Choi Hyen-Gun) prior to the official launch of a series of performances by artists for the open-day. It was also an indirect critique of the official response to the recent sinking of the MV Sewol (April 16th 2014. 323, mostly high school students, died). Cherobic was a cultural event when most cultural events in Seoul were cancelled because of the sinking of the ferry. By inviting over 100 high school students, (the same age as those that died in the ferry) alongside the normally invited City Hall officials, VIP’s, and general public and by putting a visible and audible sense of pleasure at the centre of the event, 3 official attempts were made to stop the event.