Secondary Communities 000

Secondary communities 000 is a collaborative project with Adam Michaels, Joel Stillman and Nikki Chung of Project Projects Design Studio, New York. secondary communities 000 explores the relationship between art and democracy in its current formulation and explores whether art has anything in particular to do with democracy?The project includes 111 contributions from artists, critics, writers, architects and curators in response to the question; Does art have anything in particular to do with democracy? This is offered as a provocation and asks for a response but not necessarily an answer. The question provides enough substance to ‘take possession’ of it, but is sufficiently vague and open-ended enough to allow for its interpretation, dismissal or corruption. The question is pointed enough to allow for strong reactions yet benign and open-ended enough to treat in a pragmatic, matter of fact kind of way. The question creates a framework and set of limitations but can withstand the scrutiny of a variety of interests and positions. The question tries to find ways of building a community of interest, albeit contingent, around an idea without being explicit about what the content should be, but yet explicit enough that it may contain things that claim some kind of allegiance, for now, to a discourse of art and democracy.

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Publications Secondary Communities