Incheon Billboard

An unauthorized, hand-built billboard on the roof of Incheon Art Platform containing a short text by architect Cedric Price. It’s the capacity for activities to change as a result of thoughts changing, and the resulting architecture lasting as long as these thoughts are current Cedric Price The billboard is directed at the Pansy Room (smoking-room) on the 14th floor of the nearby HarborPark Hotel, temporary home to business people from around the world en route form Incheon International Airport to Seoul and other cities in South Korea.

Materials: Paint on plywood
Dimensions 540cm × 180cm

Incheon 1


Incheon 2


Incheon 3


Incheon 4


Incheon 5


Incheon 7


Incheon 8


Incheon 9


Incheon 10