Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Artists Talk About Teaching

“…when I started teaching I quickly found out that I’m not the guy who has the answers, students would have laughed at me after the first day if I’d tried to persuade them I did. So I decided to tough it out at the time. It seemed all my colleagues were using another method, as if they knew something, and they stood there and dispensed this to students. I was the only one who was like, yeah … in the wind. The result of this was that students decided, ‘OK, if he doesn’t do it then we have to do it’, so they took advantage and gradually I found out that this was actually a very productive position. While other professors deliberately tried to make them take a position, in my class it happened because students thought I was a kind of yeast-like thing, a kind of fermentation that didn’t have a lot of mass, a kind of nervous ingredient. This realizations stimulated small groups like Tobias (Rehberger) and some friends, to take over because of my not being able to lead. That was the moment I could come back to them because all of a sudden there was an opposite.”
Bayrle goes on to describe his responsibilities as a teacher “To be very true and honest towards myself and towards the students. To inform them I had some experience here, some experience there and in between no experience at all, so they’d have to make up for this lack […] I was suffering through it. That’s maybe what students felt; that it wasn’t me trying to be cool. Some people tried to help by saying, ‘oh, it’s OK, everything goes.’ Nothing went with me, it just didn’t go. I was so red-faced when students approached me. I was embarrassed and I had to step aside. But after several years I found that wasn’t such a bad thing and good students came into my class in any case. At first I thought maybe they came because I wouldn’t bother them. But a dynamic grew around me, which wasn’t my doing. I didn’t shape it. But when it was there I could pretty much work with it. I put this helplessness and uncertainty out there. I didn’t try and hide it because they wouldn’t have believed me anyway.” Page 54 Thomas Bayrle

Published with Riding House, London


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